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If you are a bride and groom on a budget, the staff at the North Star House can help you review vendors to create an all-inclusive affordable wedding package. Choosing a caterer, photographer and DJ who can offer affordable and flexible options means it is possible to plan a wedding for 100 guests for an all-in budget between $13,000 to $14,000.

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Planning an affordable wedding starts with assembling a budget; and we have wedding budgeting sheets that we are happy to share with you. These budgeting sheets are based on worksheets from wedding directories such as Wedding Wire, Here Comes the Guide, and Sacramento Bride and Groom, in our region.

Here’s an example of how a wedding budget of $13,000 for 100 attendees might work for you.

  • Wedding Venue $3,700 with all fees
  • Caterer or BBQ service $4,000
  • Photographer for 4 hours $1,500
  • DJ for music and announcements for 5 hours $1,550
  • Beer, wine and beverage BYOB $500
  • Dinnerware, linens, rentals $600
  • Floral and Decorations $500
  • Dress (sample sale, off the rack, or rental) $500

By creating a budget, you will easily see estimated costs at a glance, and be able to adjust costs for each item, based on your priorities.

You can decide that you want to spend more on any of these items, food, photographer or DJ, but having a budget and reviewing affordable vendors can really help.

In addition to our vendors, here’s some wedding budgeting tips from professional planners we can point you to online:

  • To really save on your wedding think about inviting fewer people and making your wedding more intimate.
  • Consider a BBQ service or a family owned restaurant for your reception. This can save up to $15 a person.
  • Hire a photographer on an hourly basis and supplement with photos and videos by those attending the wedding.
  • Hire a DJ for 4 or 5 hours versus a full day and go with one of their existing play lists or create your own.
  • Buy bulk flowers from a flower farm, have family assemble the arrangements and purchase the bridal bouquet separately. We have several local flower farms to choose from!
  • Buy all of your beverages at big box stores like Costco, Walmart or Beverages and More. BYOB can save a good deal of money!
  • A last-season or rental wedding dress can save money. Also consider the groom wearing his own suit or a rental for the wedding.

The staff at the North Star House are experienced and knowledgeable about affordable vendor options. Contact us to discuss your wedding and to arrange for a tour. We love hosting intimate affordable weddings.


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